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Helpful FAQs

Check out some of our frequently asked questions, or contact us if you have a specific issue.

You have three ways to buy:

  • Shop our online store. (A sales rep will contact you to confirm the oven order details,)
  • Call or email our sales team directly and they will guide you through the buying process, or
  • Work with one of our Dealers, who can also help with installation and added services.

Some basic questions are required to help you narrow down your search for the right oven that’s perfect for you:

  1. Are you looking for a residential or commercial unit?
  2. How much space do you have available? Any access issues?
  3. Would you like something you assemble yourself, or something fully assembled?
  4. Then compare models to consider:
    1. Will this be for indoor or outdoor use?
    2. How many people will you cook for on average?
    3. Would you like to customize your oven’s exterior color or tile pattern?

Need more assistance? You can also Contact our Support Team for questions and quotes.

The best woods to burn in your Woodfired pizza oven are dry, seasoned hardwoods such as oak, maple, ash, beech, and birch. 

DO NOT use pine, fir, eucalyptus, or cedar, due to their high resin levels. They leave a hard to remove residue in the oven and an unpleasant taste on your food. If you do choose to use a softwood (ex. pine or spruce,) properly cure and season it to reduce sap content. Remove the outer bark to also help reduce sap, moisture, and smoke.

How much wood you will need varies on the size of your oven and how much food you are cooking. Small units will heat up to 800℉ with as little as 2-3 pieces of standard firewood (double split into smaller pieces for convenience.) Large ovens will reach and maintain these temps and more with 7-8 pieces of wood. 

Do not over-fire your oven. Flames spilling out of the oven mouth or excessive temperatures are signs you are over-firing  Avoid this!

Our narrower oven mouth, interior dome shape, industrial-grade insulation, and high-tech refractory materials all help the heat to stay where it is supposed to be, in the chamber. This reduces the amount of wood you will need to bake great pizza.

Is your question not answered here? Please contact us, we’re always happy to help and to provide honest advice.